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  4. More info Why buy a PowerCap®? If you’re looking to invest in a PowerCap® system you can expect: reduced or often $0 energy bills, blackout protection, Microgrid capability and grid independence.
  5. I came across this site recently and they claim it’s better than lithium It’s developed in Australia More info here https://renewable.net.au/forum/12-energy-storage-discussion/?do=add Residential Energy Generation Specializing in sustainable energy generation systems since 2012, our engineers are well equipped to supply even the most unusual homes with a custom renewable energy solution. When you make an inquiry with our service team, a professionally registered and/or chartered engineer is assigned to your project to ensure that
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  7. Analysis for September 2020 Daily Averages - Production: 40.6 kWh Consumption: 30.3 kWh Own Consumption: 15.8 kWh Export: 24.7 kWh Import: 14.4 kWh Cost: - $1.29 (ie. earned $1.29 per day) Yield: 4.7 kWh/kW September was sunnier than predicted, as production was 1,218 kWh against a predicted 1093 kWh (11% over predicted). The best day was September 26th with 56.9 kWh produced. The worst day was September 18th with just 6.0 kWh produced. In September we had 25 'Green Days', where we exported more than we imported, our b
  8. Hi Arnold, welcome to the forums. With your Fronius Smart Meter, yes you need a ‘Premium’ account, but you just have to create it, it costs nothing. It’s free. Making a premium account gives you a lot of very useful extra features. Cheers, Jason.
  9. Hi, This is Arnold from Sydney West.... We just recently installed a 6.6 KW / 20 panels PV system in our house...the install was not without hiccups but eventually we get there -- issues were rectified... We got Fronius Inverter + Q-cell panels, i also had a smart meter installed but i did not know that you need subscription to be able to use its other important monitoring features .... Yeah, i agree 100% that one need to do his research, understand the basics of PV system at least....and most importantly - research the PV system installer before committing... Thank y
  10. Yeah... nah This reads like the usual crap the Smart Energy Council puts out. There's actually nothing unfair about it. When you consume energy you pay for retail margin + wholesale margin + transmission factor + market fees + environmental levy + distribution charges. That last bit is important - the money that goes into maintaining the poles and wires is paid when you use energy. When you export energy and a small (e.g. including residential) system you currently do not pay many money to maintain the poles and wires, and you get paid a fee which usually exceeds the whol
  11. Analysis for August 2020 Daily Averages - Production: 37.3 kWh Consumption: 40.9 kWh Own Consumption: 17.3 kWh Export: 20.0 kWh Import: 23.6 kWh Cost: $3.35 Yield: 4.3 kWh/kW August was sunnier than predicted, as production was 1,156 kWh against a predicted 913 kWh (27% over predicted). The best day was August 23rd with 48.8 kWh produced. The worst day was August 7th with just 3.3 kWh produced. In August we had 15 'Green Days', where we exported more than we imported, but overall the month was not a 'Green Month'.
  12. Hi Raffinator, welcome to the group. Northern Beaches here as well. Maybe you could show us your system in that section of the site, others are always interested in other setups. I agree with you about the EV situation, the current range and pricing here in Aus doesn't make me want to rush out and buy one, even though I would love one. Cheers, Jason.
  13. Well, not quite the beachside, but can be there in 15min in good traffic. Made a start with renewable energy, but just toe in the water. 9 solar panels and not North facing. My north side of the roof is shaded by an enormous Sydney Gum that is probably older than white man has been here. And I’d rather have the tree. Also a heat pump installed. Next step is EV car, but I’m really disappointed with the options for Australia at the moment. Compromise brain says Kona EV, but heart says Tesla 3 or Y. Polestar 2 looking promising. Just sick of the cost and the waiting. Luxury car tax
  14. Our electricity bill for the 3rd quarter is in. Over winter, 28 May to 27th August, our breakdown was as follows. Solar Production was 2,725 kWh at an average of 29.6 kWh per day. Our usage of the solar production was 1,400 kWh, which is 51% own usage. Our usage from the grid was 2,216 kWh at a cost of $732.52, and we fed 1,325 kWh back to the grid (after own usage) for a return of $279.26. Our net bill was $453.26 Taking in to account our own usage, the total saving for the quarter due to the solar was $564.57 Effectively, our bill was reduced fro
  15. A work mate asked me to have a look at this batter development from the UK https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a30613776/nuclear-waste-diamond-battery/ https://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-are-turning-nuclear-waste-into-super-efficient-diamond-batteries Im sure you can find more links about the subject with more in-depth info What say you ?
  16. Received today from solarcitizens.org.au and may be of interest to some readers here:
  17. @manchu your energy distributor will have a portal that lets you download your interval data (the per-half-hour electricity consumption of your home) as taken by your smart meter for at least the last year. Your distributor will be listed on your energy bill, or just post up a postcode (or PM it) and it might be enough to send you a link to where to get it. You might actually get away with a battery if you're long on gas. First thing to work out how you'll charge the thing which just involves getting someone to do an assessment of what's possible for your roof space, shading conditio
  18. Water heating is gas storage unfortunately. A change to elec might be on the cards once I have solar. House heating is: Gas ducted (whole house), Reverse cycle (main living room), wood burner (main living and rumpus rooms). The gas ducted does a poor job of heating the main living area so it's usually set low (~15deg) to keep the place from getting too cold and we use either the wood burner or air con for that room. From the sound of it there's not much need from the grid so I wouldn't expect to make much money that way. I've been thinking al
  19. Batteries disguised as bricks.... How cool is that! Getting closer to the ideal home power generation day-by-day. Sadly, I fear that this too will disappear into the aether, like all other good inventions.
  20. Like Tesla using roof real estate for panels, perhaps our walls will become our storage in future years? https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/9358ye/scientists-turn-normal-red-bricks-into-electricity-storing-supercapacitors
  21. I reckon this looks trick! And perhaps now moving from concept to production. https://jalopnik.com/sony-rubs-it-in-to-apple-and-dyson-by-moving-developmen-1844690846
  22. Never used one, maybe someone who has could chime in. I would be reluctant to consider it in an offgrid setup - would prefer a good local support network.
  23. I like this Ingeteam all in one box , https://www.ingeteam.com/en-us/sectors/photovoltaic-energy/p15_24_652_42/ingecon-sun-storage-1play-tl-3-6-kw.aspx
  24. I have no familiarity with Ingeteam though the other three are all well-regarded, Selectronic probably the best of them - they're local (Victorian), they're built like the proverbial brick house, on the solar side they integrate particularly well with Fronius. Probably SMA is the only real step up in that their control solutions for proper microgrid/offgrid is better - they have a full turnkey solution - but many Australian offgrid people have sites working happily with Selectronic. Theres a few solutions locally that will do control for them and other assets.
  25. I have choices Selectonic, Ingeteam, Victron, Schneider., which one?
  26. Just picked up on this and careful here. For a purely off-grid system (no grid at all) it's possible to go your own way though I'd stick to standards. Not least for safety, and more for what you plug in will have power quality expectations that are consistent with mains norms. There are people running non-standards-grade inverters on pure offgrid that do make power, but I wouldn't. Especially for a whole house. This, and DC system faults aren't to be trifled with. There are no small mistakes.
  27. Let me know how you go. I deal with the CEO and main advisor though I've been involved with them for ~5 years now (since it was in development). If you don't get answers you like, drop me a line and I'll find you someone senior to talk to. I like both Reposit and CET. Reposit is further ahead in making money out of your battery - they are super represented in all government forums on VPP whether technical or regulatory. But if you have multiple devices you want to control intelligently against each other for best use of your tariff, CET is supreme. And the hot water system is effin
  28. Thanks mate. I'll contact them and have a chat.
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