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  1. Zappi itself works great ... it's the software side of things that definitely needs some work. I remain hopeful and continue to work through it.
  2. How are you finding the Y? Everything you expected? Blows me away how many you see on the road now.
  3. Some of you may recall that I was a big advocate for Zappi chargers when I had my Model X. Well that was sold, and the Zappi sat on the wall lonely and unused for a couple of years. Enter the new EV and time to fire it back up again. The Myenergi Hub was dead - just power cycling itself. After extensive googling and reading the Myenergi forums, I opened a support ticket, but decided for $175 to just order a new one anyway. Paid for express shipping so I wouldn't be waiting too long (the Australian distributor is in Melbourne, like me). After a few days of no shipping info, I contacted them and was met with a number of excuses, but at least they agree to refund the express shipping charge. Eventually a week and a bit later the new Hub arrives. Firing up the app, it's lost all my account details and apparently I don't have an account any more on their system (puzzled, because I was definitely a previous customer!). Followed the instructions to activate the hub, except the instructions are fundamentally wrong! Still no reply to my original support ticket, but a new one about this issue got a fairly prompt response ("It won't activate as you haven't paired it with Zappi yet". Yet, the instructions clearly say to activate it first. Do that, and then follow the advice to update the firmware. An hour and half later and my brand new Hub is bricked. Another support ticket, and another Hub despatched. Finally up and running, but still no reply to support ticket about the first Hub not working after 2 years. Still a fan of Zappi, but customer service is a bit of a joke and I do have some concerns about the reliability of the product long term.
  4. Well this didn't quite go to plan. The 'order ready' came and went ... I had my sights set on something a bit more upmarket!
  5. Welcome! I guess you could say we ran out of energy, ironically! 🙂 It's not over here - we just need to spread the word a bit further.
  6. Not much more info, but looks like a promotional vehicle for audio brand Dynaudio.
  7. Welcome back to Renewables and even more to Renewable.net.au @RankStranger! It will be great to have your knowledge and experience on board in this small community 🙂
  8. The battery technology is rapidly evolving. I think we will see a lot more developments by EOY. Watching with interest!
  9. We extended our home 2 years ago, and part of that renovation included building in a double garage within the roof line of the house. I put some smarthome stuff throughout at the same time and one of the Z-wave relays installed in the roof cavity just happened to include a temperature sensor. I discovered that our ceiling cavity can get upwards of 40 degrees C and closer to 50 mid-summer. While I appreciate hot air rises, I can't help but think that the cooler the cavity, the cooler the home? Is it worth looking into ventilations systems of a roof cavity to reduce the overall internal temperature of the home, or, at least allow the AC to work less?
  10. Interesting @Prof Tournesol- what was the actual aim, just to reduce CO2 levels within the residence?
  11. Welcome and thanks for joining! We definitely need some help kicking off more discussion here, so the more the merrier!
  12. I'm temporarily EVless so charging isn't a problem for me at the moment. Trying to get anyone to get back to me on Batteries is impossible though. The companies all reply, and ask if I have solar already. When I tell them yes, I don't hear back from them!
  13. RFX seems to be making gains now, particularly with exporting to other countries. I bailed out of my shares for greener pastures, but I might regret that decision soon.
  14. Welcome @rocky - how did you go with looking into Solar?
  15. I was contacted by a member of the Tesla Owners Club of Australia earlier this year who happened to be chasing my exact config of my Tesla Model X. It was nearing two years of ownership, and having lost substantial amounts of money on ever car I've ever owned, was made an offer that was too good to resist. It was a sad day watching it drive off ... but I will be back. I have an order in for a new MX, but don't expect to see that this side of 2023. Then I saw BYD https://evdirect.com.au/ and decided to get an order in. Would be a good stop gap potentially until Tesla stock and deliveries ramps up again. Potential delivery in April, so more to report then!
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