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  1. Welcome Bazzle - enjoy your stay and I look forward to reading your contributions.
  2. Received today from solarcitizens.org.au and may be of interest to some readers here:
  3. Like Tesla using roof real estate for panels, perhaps our walls will become our storage in future years? https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/9358ye/scientists-turn-normal-red-bricks-into-electricity-storing-supercapacitors
  4. I reckon this looks trick! And perhaps now moving from concept to production. https://jalopnik.com/sony-rubs-it-in-to-apple-and-dyson-by-moving-developmen-1844690846
  5. Thanks mate. I'll contact them and have a chat.
  6. Sub-board is around 40m at least from mainboard?
  7. @Fred - if you don't want to answer the questions or offer more than just one line replies, no one here (or anywhere for that matter) can give you genuine advice. It's like me asking, "What's the best car?". But I live down a 60km dirt road, so an Aston Martin is not the right answer.
  8. Here's my system performance yesterday. Even with a slightly higher capacity than the norm, you'll see I still imported quite a lot at 35.9kWh. Now I could have stored that 22,3kWh rather than exporting it, but I still would have had to import from the grid to make up the difference. Those far more knowledgeable than I on the topic (@rmpfyf) can likely offer much more insight, but without knowing your current consumption at various times of the day, all we're doing is guessing at best.
  9. While the price with the battery seems reasonable, the PV system itself (the panels + inverter) is on the smaller side of what's being sold now IMO. It all comes down to your current consumption and what spec'ing the system to your needs. In my experience, anyone who sells solar over the phone doesn't have your best interests in mind. I did learn the hard way recently that you can't get the solar grant now, and then a battery grant later so you're definitely better doing the lot in one go now. In my case, and I admit we have very high consumption, a 10kW system (~12.6kW worth of panels) is still not big enough to give us a zero bill even with a 7kW battery. You need to deal with a company that dives much deeper into your current consumption and typical usage before you can get an even remotely accurate quote.
  10. For a start, you'd need to establish your current power consumption. Do you know that?
  11. Not that I can answer this, but "Best" is probably relative to one's particular application and needs. Have you got some more info on what it is you need to achieve?
  12. https://electrek.co/2020/07/23/tesla-new-cars-compact-electric-car-musk/ Not sure of the source of this. I wonder what the compact car will really look like.
  13. @rmpfyf - so I assume this goes in the switchboard? As my PV is connected to a sub-board, and my mainboard is 100% full I think I'm out of luck?
  14. That's funny. Unless you physically, disconnect, I imagine you are still charged a supply fee?
  15. There's something about the Fronius integrated system I don't like and while it keeps coming up on my radar, I don't want to go that way. The eddi (other thread) will do it, albeit with optional external relay board, but is an expensive solution also. I need to look into your CET box suggestion further.
  16. The problem is the system was flawed from delivery, to installation, and execution so much so we fell out with the installer. Now trying to find someone who can take a look at the system and advise improvements (installation of genuine Lennox zoning system and multiple thermostats rather than the aftermarket 'dumb' zone controller), we keep getting referred back to the same installer, as this is "his area". How my blood pressure is normal, I have no idea πŸ™‚
  17. Don't even get me started on that one. We doubled our home size. We had ducted gas plus simple splits in main areas previously, which allowed for tailored zoning. Our builder (a family member) convinced us to remove the ducted gas and splits and replace it all with one big Lennox ducted heating and cooling system (with three zones). The zoning is a joke thanks to only relying on one centrally located thermostat, and terrible control over the whole system. Our running costs hover somewhere between double and triple what they were before, which granted, our house is nearly twice the size (including a 2.5 car garage), but the new system should have been far more efficient. The Heating/Cooling is now the biggest consumer of power and not something I can work out how to resolve easily.
  18. Thanks mate. Will work through those links πŸ™‚
  19. Another good point you raise if justifying the outlay and investment here. I've already over-capitalised on this place (major extension on 35+ year old house), and probably even in my renewable projects. But I never really got into any of this for the cost reduction as the primary driver. So much more would be easier to justify at the time of design and build (+ associated finance).
  20. I think that's a really good point. What I am doing by diverting surplus into the car, the pool etc, is "storage", however it doesn't help offset my grid consumption post 6PM. Only batteries are going to help that (or switching the mains off, which I have contemplated but I'd probably have a mutiny on my hands!).
  21. There was a a pre-order running for some time, but now it appears to be selling for $1395 inc. https://www.evolutionaustralia.com.au/product-page/myenergi-zappi-7kw-electric-car-charger-for-home Or if you are talking about the eddi, it's $895. It makes sense to stick within this ecosystem as I now have zappi, harvi, hub etc.
  22. Thanks for joining @lenticularis - have you managed a zero bill with your system? Was that the aim? Worm farms - wow haven't had one of those since I was a kid! Being a glider pilot I imagine you'd have a great understanding of wind and thermals. Any interest in wind power and turbines for power generation?
  23. Welcome @Woadl - thanks for joining us and hope we can offer some valuable advice along the way.
  24. Can any one, any where, go off grid? Is there any sort of permit, license, or wait for it ... "fees", in order to be self sufficient?
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