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  1. BYD has a nice feature with their new batteries where the battery is modular so you can add more modules later to increase battery size (although inverters will generally require a certain minimum number of modules to get the required power input). Could also make repairs easier as a faulty module could just be swapped out. BYD - https://www.bydbatterybox.com/
  2. That may be true in the city but my main motivation for getting one now is that the numerous blackouts we get in storm season are a pain in the a*** and cost me money (as my office is at home). Happy to pay a premium to avoid those. I think this logic is a bit flawed. Like anything a battery is not going to get to the warranted life and then just fail. If they guarantee 37Mwh then it is likely that the expected life is a fair bit beyond that (as they don't want to replace more than a small portion). I know capacity will be lower at the end of that period (maybe 80% of new) but it will still work as a battery its just your daily throughput will be lower. If you assume it can do say 70Mwh before it actually fails then your battery cost is $0.20 per kWh. If you used that in your analysis then in your situation it could make sense to have a battery but you would charge it from off-peak power and then use it during the peak times. Would be 20c + 15c*1.1 = 36.5c/kWh instead of paying 55c/kWh. Of course if the difference between your cheapest and most expensive power rates is less than 20c (as it is in my case) then battery still doesn't make financial sense on that basis but that ignores the benefit of having backup power available in a blackout situation.
  3. By the way pricing as supplied to me was: 5.0kWh 48V WITH 5kw Sungrow Hybrid Inverter (single phase) for $6500 8.5kWh 48V with 5kW Sungrow Hybrid inverter (Single phase) for $10500 15kWh 384V with 10kW Solax Hybrid inverter (3 phase) for $18500 Price for 15kWh without inverter was approx $14500 All claim 50,000 cycles with 25 year warranty and 99% depth discharge and operating temperature range of -20 to +80c 5kWh weighs 65kg, 8.5kWh is 97kg and 15kWh is 120kg
  4. I stumbled across them as well and have been trying to get more information out of the company. They are claiming that the "battery" is currently undergoing the approval process and they expect it to be available for purchase around March next year. I am actually in the market for a home battery and the specs and price on these are very attractive but I am somewhat doubtful as I can't find any evidence that anyone else it the world is doing this and the specs don't seem to add up with what I understand of Graphene supercapacitors. In particular the weight of the product is similar to weight for same capacity LiIon battery but according to what I have read it should be many times heavier. The 25 year warranty is appealing but of course totally useless if the company doesn't stick around to honour it. The company did respond to my initial email and sent through a Spec sheet and some basic information but they haven't responded to my follow-up questions yet.
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