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  1. Analysis for September 2020 Daily Averages - Production: 40.6 kWh Consumption: 30.3 kWh Own Consumption: 15.8 kWh Export: 24.7 kWh Import: 14.4 kWh Cost: - $1.29 (ie. earned $1.29 per day) Yield: 4.7 kWh/kW September was sunnier than predicted, as production was 1,218 kWh against a predicted 1093 kWh (11% over predicted). The best day was September 26th with 56.9 kWh produced. The worst day was September 18th with just 6.0 kWh produced. In September we had 25 'Green Days', where we exported more than we imported, our b
  2. Hi Arnold, welcome to the forums. With your Fronius Smart Meter, yes you need a ‘Premium’ account, but you just have to create it, it costs nothing. It’s free. Making a premium account gives you a lot of very useful extra features. Cheers, Jason.
  3. Analysis for August 2020 Daily Averages - Production: 37.3 kWh Consumption: 40.9 kWh Own Consumption: 17.3 kWh Export: 20.0 kWh Import: 23.6 kWh Cost: $3.35 Yield: 4.3 kWh/kW August was sunnier than predicted, as production was 1,156 kWh against a predicted 913 kWh (27% over predicted). The best day was August 23rd with 48.8 kWh produced. The worst day was August 7th with just 3.3 kWh produced. In August we had 15 'Green Days', where we exported more than we imported, but overall the month was not a 'Green Month'.
  4. Hi Raffinator, welcome to the group. Northern Beaches here as well. Maybe you could show us your system in that section of the site, others are always interested in other setups. I agree with you about the EV situation, the current range and pricing here in Aus doesn't make me want to rush out and buy one, even though I would love one. Cheers, Jason.
  5. Our electricity bill for the 3rd quarter is in. Over winter, 28 May to 27th August, our breakdown was as follows. Solar Production was 2,725 kWh at an average of 29.6 kWh per day. Our usage of the solar production was 1,400 kWh, which is 51% own usage. Our usage from the grid was 2,216 kWh at a cost of $732.52, and we fed 1,325 kWh back to the grid (after own usage) for a return of $279.26. Our net bill was $453.26 Taking in to account our own usage, the total saving for the quarter due to the solar was $564.57 Effectively, our bill was reduced fro
  6. I wouldn't be touching Mitsubishi with a barge pole at the moment, it's possible they will drop out of Australia totally. IMO hybrids were a necessary step, but totally useless now. Go fully electric if you can find one you like with the range you need, or just get a turbo diesel if you are travelling very long distances. With a hybrid, you are lugging around a whole lot of extra weight and complexity that you're not using. Cheers, Jason.
  7. In a lot of the older suburbs of Sydney, three phase power is normal. Post-war a lot of Sydney houses installed three phase instant electric water heaters. The classis unit was the Simplex which pulled eighteen amps per phase. Cheers, Jason.
  8. A guy named Robert Murray-Smith has a cool channel on the you tube, in this episode he explains how this works, and builds a little one himself. Cheers, Jason.
  9. It’s a thing. I know, I’ve got it. I check our power consumption between two and ten or so times a day. Last Friday I had a Fronius Smart Meter installed to monitor consumption on my circuits that I call ‘Climate’, which is air conditioning and underfloor heating. I now know how much power the underfloor heating in the bathrooms really uses. 15kWh per day on weekends, and 10kWh per day during the week. Cheers, Jason.
  10. Fronius also do some very good webinars on the you tube. They did one a while back on this subject. Cheers, Jason.
  11. The Tesla Powerwall is getting on a bit, and uses the wrong chemistry for a home battery anyway. I'd be really keen to see something new from them. Cheers, Jason.
  12. Marc, check if your heat pump is 'Smart Grid' ready. Fronius have a document that is relevant to your inverters here: https://www.fronius.com/~/downloads/Solar Energy/Whitepaper/SE_WP_Connecting_a_heat_pump_to_the_Fronius_energy_management_system_EN.pdf Cheers, Jason.
  13. Wow, you guys down there in VIC get these systems cheap! A quick run of the numbers, that system should average about 20kWh per day over the year, from around 32kWh/day in Dec/Jan, to 8kWh/day in June. Cheers, Jason.
  14. Sorry, I mentioned the round trip efficiency but forgot to use it in the calculations. With that corrected: 38c + (55c x 1.11) = 99c charging with Peak 38c + (25c x 1.11) = 66c charging with Shoulder 38c + (15c x 1.11) = 55c charging with Off-peak 38c + (21c x 1.11) = 62c charging with solar generation. If you want to take the opportunity cost in to account, the battery can do 5,000kWh per year, and $14,000 invested at 5% returns $700p.a. $700 / 5000kWh = 14c per kWh to be added to the above figures. Cheers, Jason.
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