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  1. Just to update this thread, I have settled on this below config Huawei 8kW 3-phase Inverter and Solar Analytics 26 x Jinko Tiger N-Type 390W Mono Black Frame Modules
  2. I did read in the forums that the Huawei monitoring was delaying everything by 2 hours there for a bit. The fix was be patient and wait as the servers get overwhelmed with loads of traffic at times. Which made me think, once you buy the Inverter, the companies don't really need to worry as much looking after their servers as say a company like Solar Analytics does as that is the only thing they are doing and would lose customers, so its in their best interest to keep it running really well. More likely to have more updates/improvements to their software too over time.
  3. I think I'm leaning to go to this final setup. Should mention I work from home so most power I think I would use in the day. At least with Solar I could maximize this. Huawei 8.0kW 3 Phase 2 MPPT w/ wifi (SUN2000-8KTL-M2) instead of Fronius as it is quite a bit cheaper. 10 Year warranty parts and labour. 24x 440w JINKO Tiger-pro panels. Fits (space wise) on the roof quite well. 12 Year Product Warranty. Around $6500 that I will pay for this install. About $800 of the total price was special brackets used to put half the panels on my metal flat roof. Deciding betwe
  4. With a name like Full Range, I expect nothing less! 🙂 Thanks again for the reply. No Gas here and electric HWS. Average 22 kW per day. I have so many aspects to my Stereo and would love to know what it all uses. Lots on small power supplies running different items. I could try and put it all on one plug and use one of those little meters. In the past year have replaced a few things. Got a new fridge 520L kitchen, New F&P Front loader washing machine, New 65" TV's and threw out my 2nd 20yr old fridge I had in back garage all in the hope of lowering my Energy bills.
  5. Just a couple of questions to the ones who have the great monitoring. How many units does one typically feed back into the grid in a day? Also what does it take to max out Solar? Like could I use my Stereo, 2x Split Air Con. Then expect I could still use the dishwasher and Washing machine. Plus start vacuuming and also put the kettle on of course. 🙂 Just trying to gauge what system I can take advantage of in kW. 6.6kW or 10kW and what to expect in managing my usage. Like is the vacuum cleaner or the kettle already say using 20% each of your generated solar energy. Wash
  6. Yes with only 3c feed in tariff, it got me thinking of 8kW Inverter and 10kW panels. So I could use a lot more items in the day hours instead of watching everything I use. I take it both sides with the panels wont always see the sun together. Mornings will be at most 5kW and late afternoons 5kW. 10kw in mid day times. The lay out from the last quote with them on the metal roof. Just sent a new quote to me with 24x 440w JINKO Tiger-pro Mono Facial TR technology + Half Cell Total is $7500. I did not ask for these panels but I think he thought they might be worth going to as ther
  7. The supplier mentioned I should be fine with 8kW inverter with Synergy but said that may be the limit for them. But no feed in paid after 5kW. Currently it is at 3c Looked at Solar Hot water but think being a house of 1 and will make it having showers in the day hours that Instantaneous might be ok. The solar panels are already such a big investment for me.
  8. Thanks Full Range. That is a great price. The prices I posted are all after the rebates. Will be what I will pay in the end for them to install it. From talking to few people I come to realise that we in W.A. might be lucky to get $40 off each bill (actually less it seems) from feeding the power back to the grid. So now thinking of going to 8kW/10kW and know I will not get any money back from Synergy when my power goes back to grid but may enable me to use more stuff during the day without taking power from the grid. Latest quote Supply & Installation
  9. Since my bills are close to $500, I thought it about time I look to Solar. I am in W.A. northern suburbs. My bills seem to say I'm consuming around 22 units a day on average. I have 3 phase Electricity into the house, no gas. My hot water system is on its last legs, so will have to get another soon. Most probably another Steilbel 3 phase instantaneous one unless suggestions for Solar compatibility?. I got 3 quotes from installers recommended from SolarQuotes 2 gave me quotes without dropping in, spoke to them and the 3rd one that I am posting first here dropped in.
  10. Hi Everyone, Just received my last power bill and saw Marc's post on SNA about this site. Great timing. 🙂 Thought I pop over and maybe look into getting Solar on my house. Regards, Rob
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