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  1. I'm still waiting for the end of my first billing period, but it's looking pretty good going by the Fronius data. 8.2kW inv, (limited to 5kW export). Since 18/11: PV production = 2,440 kWh (~39 kWh/d average , ~65 kWh/d peak) Self consumption = 526 kWh Total consumption = 981 kWh.
  2. Our system has been in for about 1 week and I've been somewhat glued to the fronius app pondering matters of consumption and production. eg. What the hell are those spikes, what's that ~400w baseline consumption We have an 8kW system but 5kW export cap so I've been looking times of excess production and thinking about what consumers I can move to make the most of it.. It's almost reverse consumption anxiety because it's annoying leaving kW on the table so there's times I want to consume more just to see the system hit it's 8kW potential. My mrs on the o
  3. I think you're right. A home network upgrade is on the cards so I'll run a cable. Thanks for the tip and vid. I checked and it was already ON. The logging does seems better now than the first few days. I haven't noticed any big delays (several hours) in history updating recently, but that might be because I'm not looking at as often now the novelty has worn off a little.
  4. I had a system installed this week with a Fronius Primo 8.2 & smart meter and am having trouble with the data logging. Day 1. system online ~midday. Installer hadn't set up my viewing permission so I didn't check data at all. Day 2. Logs fine from start of Day 1 to ~7am day 2 but then stopped logging until ~4pm. At 4pm both the website and app accurately updated the missing 7am to 4pm data and continued to log fine to end of day. Day 3. Logged fine from midnight to ~7am then stopped logging, until ~1:30pm, at which time the website updated but data w
  5. 10.3kW in panels. 28 x 370w Jinko. Yes. To be honest I didn't pay much attention to the export limit but now I'm witnessing the un-tapped capacity it's a bit annoying and has me wondering if I've over capitalized on the system. It's certainly true for peak production times if I can't consume the excess, but there'll be good benefits other times so i'm fairly content. My system was showing ~5kW export from ~8am to 4pm yesterday (56kWh for the day), and no problems producing the full 8kW if I switched AC or another load on to make up the difference
  6. Updating this thread as my system went in yesterday. A whole bunch of the Jinko 370W panels some optimisers for one section and an 8kW Fronius inverter. I didn't end up contacting your installer @Marc as I'd pretty much decided to go through my cousins mate/local installer if I got a good vibe and a price reasonably close to 'cheap' upstart mob, which I did. He squeezed my install in very soon after VIC lockdown eased (others I know who ordered elsewhere before me are still being told a few weeks), and did a great job from what I can tell. I'm limited to 5kW export d
  7. Water heating is gas storage unfortunately. A change to elec might be on the cards once I have solar. House heating is: Gas ducted (whole house), Reverse cycle (main living room), wood burner (main living and rumpus rooms). The gas ducted does a poor job of heating the main living area so it's usually set low (~15deg) to keep the place from getting too cold and we use either the wood burner or air con for that room. From the sound of it there's not much need from the grid so I wouldn't expect to make much money that way. I've been thinking al
  8. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that so I'll just explain what I'm generally hoping to achieve by adding a battery, be it this VPP through origin or otherwise. - make better use of the power generated by my panels. eg. give me the ability to consume 'my' power outside of the sunny hours, rather than receiving a pittance through FIT's. That battery will not cover all my needs all the time so I'm happy to pay for power from the grid for any shortfall, expect the system should draw from the battery before taking any power from the grid. - I want the battery
  9. I came across this Virtual Power Plant scheme that Origin energy offer. https://www.originenergy.com.au/solar/panels-batteries/virtual-power-plant.html In short, you get a discounted price battery and the power co can draw from that battery whenever they want (has never happened in last 4yrs apparently). You get $ credited when they take power. I'm tentatively considering it for my place (have another topic on that here) so made online inquiry yesterday, got a call back quickly and received the quote today. System Cost $15,817 [ 6.6kW Panels (Trina
  10. Received the quote for the bigger system, consisting of 28 × 370W Panels ( LONGi or JINKO ) + Sungrow 8kW inverter Subtotal $12,175 135 STCs 7 × $37.00 −$4,995 Victorian SolarPV Rebate −$1,850 Victorian SolarPV Loan −$1,850 Total inc. gst = $3,480 up front (post rebate and loan) => total out of pocket = $5330) So, that's a $2280 extra over the 5kW system using the same components. I reckon I'll go for it.
  11. That'd make my blood boil. Seems like a great way to maximise the benefit of your solar. Now if only the EV batteries could be used to power your house!!.
  12. Company is Pristine Solar (came across the deal on ozbargain). yeah, most panels I can afford now is my new thinking. We have the $$ available so it's better to invest in saving money than just offsetting the mortgage. I guess I could afford and have room for more than 8kW of panels, but I think returns would be somewhat diminishing as I'd start encroaching on areas that get partially shaded. Fronius adds another ~$1K on the Sungrow. I did a bit of reasearch into the sungrow and it seems to be one of the better cheap inverters and reasonably well regarded so I t
  13. I'm now wondering if I should increase the system size and go back to a split design. eg. 8kW with 16x330w panels on east side and 8 x 330w on west side If I'm being realistic I don't think we'll be very good and changing our usage to suit mostly morning energy production, so some on the west side would be good. It might mean I need to trim a few tall trees nearby to reduce the shading, but that's OK.
  14. I received my quote yesterday then tweaked it a little to change layout, inverter and panels . Their proposed layout was 10 panels east side + 10 west side, but due to the west side being much more shaded than the east I thought it was best to keep them all on that side. Panels were changed to higher output (18 x Jinko 370w panels) to allow all to fit on the large south east area of the roof. Inverter changed on installer recommendation (Sungrow SG5K-D inverter 5kW) . Total system = $8082 86 STCs = -$3182 VIC PV rebate = -$1850
  15. thanks for the input guys. I've asked installer for their recommendations where to spend extra money. Fronius inverter and Jinko panels seems like a common combination they do for better systems.
  16. I'm really tempted by a 'too good to pass up' deal I saw yesterday. It's a young company (~2yrs), but feeback I've found has been positive so I think I'll take a punt. The package includes: - Seraphim 330W panels (25yr performance and 15yr product warranty) - 5kW Growatt Inverter (10yr warranty) Other products are available for extra cost so I'm after opinions on whether it's worth chipping in more (say ~ $1000) to improve the system ?? (eg. increase size, different panels, inverter or otherwise) Thoughts?
  17. cheers. I thought that might be the case.
  18. A smart plug with built in meter is good option too. You can monitor from a phone etc which is handy if the socket isn't accessible to view (eg. behind a fridge), and I believe it'll log history so good to work out consumption of intermittent loads. <$20 for this one. https://www.bunnings.com.au/arlec-grid-connect-smart-plug-in-socket-with-energy-meter_p0135442
  19. Good. Cheer another consideration in all this is the fairly unreliable power in my area . We have at least one short outage a month on average. Wondering about a small battery setup to handle just 10min or so backup power. ?!
  20. Thanks for the input Marc. I’ll be getting another quote soon from this guy. http://www.yarrasolar.com.au. We’ve got kids at the same kinder/school and we recently realised he’s my cousins best mate since the 70’s so I hope to get a fair price. I’m also quite tempted to go down a DIY route if its feasible. We occasionally do solar for remote mining/oil & gas projects at my work so have good access to a lot of the materials. (I could probably wire the lot up in ‘free’ steel wire armoured cable if I wanted ) i bought And installed a small solar panel and Victro
  21. cheers Jason. house is on the east side of a fairly steep hill Roof pitched and quite large (15x8m Approx). Biggest side faces East and is unshaded from 9 to 3, (not at all in summer and maybe only a little worse in winter.) 15 kwh /day Average usage through the year. Main load is air on only Rest is just usual household appliances time of use I think 🤔 that’s what I figured about batteries now
  22. I thought I'd get the content ball rolling with some silly questions and brainstorming for a future solar setup at my current home. Our house is in North Warrandyte, VIC. We've been there a few years and plan on staying there long term while raising our 3 boys (2,4,7yo). 4br, 2 story, double brick. Heating by: wood fire, gas ducted, split system. Cooling by: 1 split system and 1 window AC. Gas Hot water 18 months ago I had a local installer out to inspect and quote a 5-6kW system. The cheap option was $10K (winaico panels ) and the expensive $12K (LG Panels
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