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  1. This week we are increasing our rooftop PV from 4.5kW to 10kW, mostly to reduce the load on the battery in winter and also to dump excess generation into the car during the day. We have a 17kWh lead-acid gel battery but the load on it was excessive with our current generation/use. Hopefully that'll change with increased generation capacity. We mainly have the battery to guarantee power for electric roof sprinkler pump, we haven't been able to draw more than 3kWh without the battery overheating
  2. No, we have two phases, not three. AusNet made us connect it so that the house runs of 40A single phase, the EVSE off the other. I'm not an electrician either, I don't know how it's done but that was their condition for connection. I never should have mentioned the charger to them.
  3. We have a 2 phase supply to the house, each phase carries 40A. AusNet made us put the house, including rooftop PV and battery, on one phase and the EVSE on the other phase
  4. I've had a long-term interest in sustainable living and renewable energy. My wife and I moved here from Melbourne around 4 years ago, having dismantled and recycled the original home on the site and replaced it with a prefab home. It's not quite as energy efficient as we'd like (ie, it isn't a passive house), but hopefully we can add some thermally broken triple glazed windows in a few years. We have a grid connected hybrid PV system and battery, we hope to upgrade our panels from 4.5kW to 10kW by the end of the year. We have a 17kW lead-acid gel battery, but only 4kW is routinely useable unle
  5. I'm a Redflow shareholder, and it was too expensive for me, even with a (small) shareholder's discount. They are about to introduce their generation 2 batteries, if this flows though to the Z Cell, it may be cheaper
  6. I'm a shareholder and I was very keen on adding one at home, but, boy, are they expensive for home use! They are selling well for remote use situations like phone towers, particularly as they are so heavy they are virtually unstealable, as well as not being flammable.
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