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  1. Have narrowed my search for a solar system down to 2 suppliers, who would you run with? 13.2kW System Option 1 REC panels Sungrow inverter Master installer certified $10990 Option 2 Canadian Panels Fronius Inverter Uses local, well reviewed installer $9680 Both are semi-local companies who have been to site to evaluate the install and spent time determining my needs. The REC panels from option 1 have a longer warranty (25 vs 12) and the fronius inverter from option 2 has a 13 year warranty vs 10 for the Sungrow. Option 1 comes with Solar analytics, a
  2. What advantages did you see 3 phase giving you Marc, the capability of a larger solar system? I have it on my house but know very little about it other than the increased ability to cater for high powered machinery
  3. Thanks for the reply Jason. For the low readings I measured for 2 hours with the units active and multiplied the kWh shown on the meter by the avg daily usage. I'll retake some readings to be sure. Wherever multiple devices were used; AV, pump and chlorinator etc, the meter was placed between the power outlet and powerboard so all devices were measured concurrently. As for the lights, they are 10W energy saving bulbs so that made sense to me 🤷‍♂️ The wine cabinet did surprise me given the temp it runs at compared to a conventional fridge. I guess the humidifying is what makes
  4. UPDATE: Audit completed. Used a power meter to measure everything i could. Linky to google sheet here Points of note: Bill shows average of 32Kwh over previous 15 months so the last 40kWh reading is higher than average. Covid probably played a role in that Some items such as cooktop and underfloor heating are hardwired, so data has come from known usage times and specification documents Underfloor heating seems comparatively low compared to other devices but is in line with online sales info Wine cabinet a huge contributor. I'll be troubleshooting its usage and/o
  5. Dishwasher i had totally overlooked, clothes dryer is rarely used but I'll throw the meter on it next time it is. Am part way through compiling usage numbers
  6. Thanks for the suggestions all. I have one of the above meters from when i last looked into this so I'll dig it out again and compile the results in a spreadsheet to be posted here. If nothing obvious there I'll employ a sparky to assist with the meter Cheers Steve
  7. Sorry, pool runs for 1-2 hours a day when not in use May - Oct, 4-6 Nov to April. confirmed it was an actual read per the latest statement. The 3 meters also closely match what was on the statement so i am confident the readings are real. Unfortunately. Is it possible the meters themselves could be reading higher than they should? (clutching at straws here)
  8. I'm not sure how it is going to pass crash testing with panels made from rolled steel that dont crumple
  9. One of the biggest hurdles i face before pulling the trigger on a solar system is determining what is causing the outrageous energy consumption in my home. I think it am at risk of selecting an improperly sized solar setup if i can't get a handle on how much i am actually using at firstHouse is brick, split level, gas Hot water, Split system aircon (used 2-3 days a year), wood fire heating. We are a family of 3, I work from home, wife works locally, primary school aged child. Our average daily consumption is about 37kWh which seems outrageous to me. There is a variation of only 1-2 Kwh each qu
  10. Hi All, Steve here. Hopefully going down the solar power and EV route in the near future
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