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  1. I have the 5kw Sungrow inverter and have no problems at all so far I have also learned recently that if you add a seperate ( I think it’s called ) a Sungrow S100 Energy meter. With this extra meter you can also see via the app the export to the grid amount and many other features over the standard dongle Without the meter you only see your input from the panels to the inverter
  2. A couple of news stories that indicate that solid state batteries are close to being a reality in EVs The expectations are shorter recharge times and longer distance travel time Samsung https://www.whichcar.com.au/car-news/samsung-solid-state-battery-breakthrough Toyota https://thedriven.io/2020/12/14/toyota-plans-revolutionary-solid-state-battery-for-2021/ Other news https://www.wired.co.uk/article/what-is-solid-state-battery-toyota-dyson https://insideevs.com/news/465188/nio-150-kwh-solid-state-batteries-2022/
  3. Thanks Jason Its a wonder why they haven’t contacted me about about a smart meter upgrade after installing the new solar system Looks like I have to take the initiative and contact them Paul
  4. I thought that more information is needed When the first solar system was installed about 15 years ago the analogue spinning wheel meter was replaced with a digital display meter But the digital display meter still needs to be read manually I have found and just read some information about the smart meters Here - https://www.aer.gov.au/consumers/my-energy-service/smart-meters I’m not sure if my current digital meter allows me to allocate use of solar power for household use - I have the inverter set to owner use and export the rest - but not sure if
  5. Going by those numbers it means that your decision to install a solar system was justified As was my decision to upgrade my system from an outdated installation to a new more efficient system
  6. I was wondering if I should have a Power company ( in my case Origin ) smart meter installed We have a small problem - I have a dog and the meter readers will only come into our gated yard if the dog is locked away to read the meter If I was to have one installed they can read my power usage from outside at any time Advice needed * I’m not sure if the power company charges for this meter to be installed * Can I use it to check my own power consumption * Is it a better system than the current manual reading way * And is it secure - just saying “ can it
  7. I have been researching this subject and have found this video that expertly explains all facets of super capacitors and modern applications The new technology is evolving Here is the video
  8. We had a few rain / cloudy periods in Brisbane during the first billing period Even then the system was generating close to 20 kWh or above if a little sun came for short periods
  9. Well the first 3 months went quick Regular monitoring gave me a good indication of how much power I’m generating Just a refresh I have a 6.6 kWh system x 5 Kw inverter x 20 Panels Highest daily generation was 39.8 kWh ( and it’s not summer yet ) with an average of approx 28 kWh I just received my first bill and I’m happy to report that it’s in credit Drum roll Credit $424.39 At this rate I will pay off the system in no time System cost was $3500
  10. More info Why buy a PowerCap®? If you’re looking to invest in a PowerCap® system you can expect: reduced or often $0 energy bills, blackout protection, Microgrid capability and grid independence.
  11. I came across this site recently and they claim it’s better than lithium It’s developed in Australia More info here https://renewable.net.au/forum/12-energy-storage-discussion/?do=add Residential Energy Generation Specializing in sustainable energy generation systems since 2012, our engineers are well equipped to supply even the most unusual homes with a custom renewable energy solution. When you make an inquiry with our service team, a professionally registered and/or chartered engineer is assigned to your project to ensure that
  12. A work mate asked me to have a look at this batter development from the UK https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a30613776/nuclear-waste-diamond-battery/ https://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-are-turning-nuclear-waste-into-super-efficient-diamond-batteries Im sure you can find more links about the subject with more in-depth info What say you ?
  13. Then the same rules apply minus the max inverter size So you need to work backwards Roof space and how many panels it can accommodate Or Free standing if you don’t want to use the roof ( rural area ) Inverter 20% less than what the panels can produce ( that’s for a little headroom and better efficiency) A battery storage system for night use I would also factor in - a solar hot water system to minimise heavy power draw
  14. If your roof space is adequate My easy rule of thumb is Get an inverter equal to the maximum allowable in your state And install solar panels about 20 % greater in kw over the inverter size The current best size panels are 330w each If you have slight shading issues an inverter is more cost effective If you have shade issues then it’s best to look at a mini inverter system Then if feasible - consider battery storage
  15. I would say yes to your comment and add distance traveled We have a big wide land and not uncommon to travel long distances for basic commuting Electric motors in general have an extremely high efficiency rate and depending on load it’s efficiency ranges from 78% to 92% And I think you will agree it’s very very good For the near future - Once the stored battery energy reaches 75% + in terms of distance traveled over fossil fuel, then we will see a decline in internal combustion engines ( for general commuting) Engineers also need to work out how to overcome
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