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Found 1 result

  1. I had a system installed this week with a Fronius Primo 8.2 & smart meter and am having trouble with the data logging. Day 1. system online ~midday. Installer hadn't set up my viewing permission so I didn't check data at all. Day 2. Logs fine from start of Day 1 to ~7am day 2 but then stopped logging until ~4pm. At 4pm both the website and app accurately updated the missing 7am to 4pm data and continued to log fine to end of day. Day 3. Logged fine from midnight to ~7am then stopped logging, until ~1:30pm, at which time the website updated but data was not accurate (shows constant 3.91kW for the 6.5hrs duration but when actual was ~3 to 8kW). It just logged that one data point at 1:30pm then nothing since. The solar web iphone app history page is still showing yesterdays history so is even worse than the website. I've contact my installer and he's not sure what the problem is. I'm suspecting my wifi as the inverter is on the edge of coverage, but the fact the live data always seems fine makes me think not. any suggestions?? anyone had similar issues in the past or lately? cheers
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