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Good on you Manchu.


How many kW of panels did you end up going with?

The Fronius Primo inverters are good, I have the 8.2kW like you, with 8.58kW of panels.

Has the installer set it up for 5kW export limit? Luckily here we don’t have to do that, so with the weather lately I’ve been exporting over 7kW peak to the grid most days, with some over 8kW.


That Origin plan looks pretty good. A 15c FIT is about the best you can get at the moment, I think you’ do well.





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14 hours ago, koputai said:

How many kW of panels did you end up going with?

10.3kW in panels.   28 x 370w Jinko.       

14 hours ago, koputai said:

Has the installer set it up for 5kW export limit?

Yes.    To be  honest I didn't pay much attention to the export limit but now I'm witnessing the un-tapped capacity it's a bit annoying and has me wondering if I've over capitalized on the system.         It's certainly true  for peak production times if I can't consume the excess,  but there'll be good benefits other times so i'm fairly content.         

My system was showing ~5kW export from ~8am to 4pm yesterday  (56kWh for the day),   and no problems producing the full 8kW if I switched AC or another load on to make up the difference.       

14 hours ago, koputai said:

That Origin plan looks pretty good. A 15c FIT is about the best you can get at the moment, I think you’ do well

It seems like it.         I signed up yesterday.   


My only gripe at this stage is the Fronius solar web app,    and a weird problem with data logging.

Yesterday the history logged fine  until ~7am  then just stopped logging until ~4pm,  at which time it updated the 7am to 4pm data   and continued to log fine until around 7am today then stopped  again and hasn't -restarted.      

I suspected issues with my wifi connection to inverter (it's on edge of coverage),  but don't think it's that since the live data is always showing accurately,  including times the history isn't logging.


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    • I did read in the forums that the Huawei monitoring was delaying everything by 2 hours there for a bit. The fix was be patient and wait as the servers get overwhelmed with loads of traffic at times. Which made me think, once you buy the Inverter, the companies don't really need to worry as much looking after their servers as say a company like Solar Analytics does as that is the only thing they are doing and would lose customers, so its in their best interest to keep it running really well. More likely to have more updates/improvements to their software too over time.
    • For analytics Go with the one that is easier to use and has what you want to check  Some meters are on the unit or in the power box and some have wifi  Ask your installer about the inverter features before making a decision 
    • I think I'm leaning to go to this final setup. Should mention I work from home so most power I think I would use in the day. At least with Solar I could maximize this.  Huawei 8.0kW 3 Phase 2 MPPT w/ wifi (SUN2000-8KTL-M2) instead of Fronius as it is quite a bit cheaper. 10 Year warranty parts and labour. 24x 440w JINKO Tiger-pro panels. Fits (space wise) on the roof quite well. 12 Year Product Warranty.   Around $6500 that I will pay for this install. About $800 of the total price was special brackets used to put half the panels on my metal flat roof. Deciding between different extra consumption monitoring. Solar analytics or the Huawei one. Can't seem to find much info what the Huawei actually gives extra in the monitoring. I think this is the unit model DTSU666-H. Price between them to install is not much but will need to pay a subscription for Solar analytics. Leaning towards the Solar analytics. about $750 installed.
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