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Made the switch from Powershop to Amber

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I'd been putting this off for some time, but since the ownership change of Powershop, and the dwindling amount of discount packs to buy power in advance with Powershop, I have made the move to Amber. No complains so far, and if anything I'm actually saving a few dollars more than I was with PS.

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I'm saving plenty with Amber. It helps to have a home battery, it only needs to cover 4 hours a day when power is expensive, the rest of the time it is cheaper than Powershop. We charge our car daily and even then the bill is under $100 a month for house and car, 4,000km of car use

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I'm temporarily EVless so charging isn't a problem for me at the moment.
Trying to get anyone to get back to me on Batteries is impossible though. The companies all reply, and ask if I have solar already. When I tell them yes, I don't hear back from them!

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