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We've just finished building a retirement home in the Margaret River region. We're moving in next week.

We haven't committed to solar yet and the chance to soak up other's experiences and knowledge compelled me to join.


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Welcome @a.dent - glad you could join us. Seems you are getting in and arming yourself with the info at just the right time.

Congratulations on the retirement home, and what a beautiful area. Watch the wine intake!

Have you got three-phase in the new home? That's my only regret when we did a major extension and renovation last year - but in hindsight it would have been cost prohibitive anyway.

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What advantages did you see 3 phase giving you Marc, the capability of a larger solar system? I have it on my house but know very little about it other than the increased ability to cater for high powered machinery

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    • Hi Thanks for allowing me to join the site. I have a real passion for saving the environment from fossil fuels. I hope to do all I can to save our beautiful planet through spreading the word of recycling and renewables. 
    • Zappi itself works great ... it's the software side of things that definitely needs some work. I remain hopeful and continue to work through it.
    • How are you finding the Y? Everything you expected? Blows me away how many you see on the road now.
    • We've just bought our second home battery. The first one, a lead acid gel battery, has reached EOL. We've replaced it with 4x 3kWh GenZ LFP batteries. Each module has its own BMS, so if one module fails, the rest of the battery won't - vital when it's an hour and a half drive for our installer to fix the problem. It's connected to our 9kW of roof panels, DC coupled through a Selectronic SP PRO inverter. The system needs to be reliable as it powers our electric pump for our roof sprinklers, but as an added bonus, almost all our power bills are car charging power imports. We have a Tesla EVSE, but it's controlled by an app called ev.energy that only charges when Amber prices are low.
    • That's not good to hear; at least the Tesla EVSEs work!
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