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Solar owners could be charged to feed in ... !!!

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Householders with rooftop solar panels and batteries have reacted with fury to proposals which could see them charged for exporting power to the electricity grid.

Something to watch. The FITs are getting so small its almost pointless for new customers now anyway. We just need batteries to come down in price so we can store that surplus, which works out far most valuable than feeding it in.

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Good pick up.  I hadn't seen this article.  Makes the blood boil 🥵  This debate has been around in different forms for years - whether reductions in FIT's or potential charges, or ramping up the daily service charge so impact of FITs is less.  And then there was the suggestion of gross metering rather than net.  So you pay market rate for ALL electricity you consume (not just what you use after solar generation) and you get paid (or not) for everything you export).  All mechanisms to rebalance tariffs at the expense of solar PV generators.
The potential impact of of the growth in solar PV, or distributed generation from the grids perspective, has been known for years - along with the complication that a lot of this generation is in dormitory suburbs with limited weekday use.  Other countries have invested and embraced this, so sad to see some in Australia apparently burying their heads and sanctioning the PV investors.  Will certainly drive initiatives to opt out of the grid and leave the utilities with a stranded network ultimately reduced to supporting those who can't afford to opt out.

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No surprise though. Historically, anything the government sticks their nose into usually turns sour sometime down the track.

If I'm not mistaken, there was once hypothetical figures put out (pre grid-connect) showing the total output, should every square metre of rooftop in Australia be covered with PV's.     -Guess what? No need for power stations!

Call me cynical, but I'm speculating that these power companies are losing market share a little too quickly and are lobbying the government to 'legally' allow them a little wiggle-room to commence some "loss recovery" from the very clients that are doing the right thing by the planet.  Left unchecked, the natural order will be to make off-grid systems illegal.

Having said that, this could be a moot point anyway, as apparently most of our utilities are owned by foreign interests.


Can someone butt in here and tell me this isn't so....

Just a reminder that the inventor of AC generation and distribution, Nickola Tesla, believed that electricity should be free to everyone. He worked tirelessly to get this to happen at Wardenclyffe.  He took to the grave with him the reason why.

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