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Off-Grid Living Festival (NE Victoria), 10-11 April 2021


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The off-grid living festival is a grassroots event that enables and empowers people to take their energy needs into their own hands, transition to more sustainable lifestyles, build skills and resources for self-sufficiency, meet industry experts and unique craftspeople and connect with like-minded friends.

Showcasing a diverse array sustainable, off-grid living ideas and offering a unique opportunity for attendees to meet people with experience in variety of off-grid living areas. From the latest sustainable technology gurus, to the low impact traditional craftspeople. Participants leave this festival feeling uplifted and inspired to make positive, sustainable changes in their own lives, with new skills, products, information and contacts to help.

Enjoy a huge program of information, advice, exhibitors, talks, workshops, demonstrations, food and entertainment and connect with a like-minded, sustainable community who thrive off-grid.

Festival features 10 focus areas:
- Sustainable Energy
- Home & Building
- Water and Waste
- Alternative Farming
- Bushcraft & Outdoors
- Handcrafts and Tools
- Homesteading
- Health & Wellbeing
- Sustainability & Community
- Food and Entertainment

One day or full weekend passes available and plenty of great accommodation and camping nearby.

No doubt would be of interest to some here. I will add it to my calendar.


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