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Should Finally be Getting Solar Soonish!


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Hey y'all, I'm Richie. 


Hoping to get solar installed on my granny flat because the roof on my house is would be an installer's nightmare with a million faces that would also cause solar to be quite unattractive. 


I know  a couple of people in solar, as most people here probably do but I'm only really in contact with one of them at the moment. 


I used to research solar a few years ago and keep up to date but at the moment going through more of an indoor electronics phase. 


I'll most likely be going with Risen panels and a SAJ inverter, feeding into the grid so that I can get the whole thing covered by a government load. Eventually I'll most likely end up completely off-grid but for now the main aim is to get rid of bills. Once the solar is hooked up, will probably even stop using the gas central heating altogether or somehow use the existing ducts and thermostat to heat the house purely using solar electricity. Will have to Google that some time. 


A few years back I also registered a domain name for electric vehicles and then simply let that slip too. Have been on the Tesla newsletter list since before the Model S was released. Hm... what else is there? 


Perhaps that's enough for the time being. 


I look forward to picking everyone on the forum's brains eventually. 


I probably don't have much technical expertise to offer anyone but I always enjoy researching prices and whatnot online so maybe I can be useful in that regard at some stage. 




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Great intro Richie and thanks for joining us. I'm interested in doing away with gas hot water heating too, as I have surplus solar being wasted feeding back into the grid presently. 

My good friend (and sparky) just let me know about this yesterday, as he is flat out doing their installations. There's grants available at the moment apparently and with a energy diverter pushing the excess power to the hot water service it should end up cheaper than running gas. I need to run some sums yet though.

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