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Is Consumption Anxiety a thing?

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Since getting better analytics and monitoring the myenergi app (most waking hours), I find myself starting to obsess now over real-time consumption.

Soon I reckon I might be able to see and hear power flowing through the walls. Anyone else, or is this just me??? ūüôā

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Never had real time monitoring in my old system 

But the new system has it and I’m checking it 10 + times a day 

Am I¬†addicted or is this just a phase ūü§™


I have a question - Is there a universal monitoring app Or does one need to use the prescribed app that comes with the inverter 


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There are aftermarket systems available for monitoring, and many systems do offer their own basic monitoring. Fronius offers its solar.web which I have but isn't as good as my aftermarket system.

In my case I'm using the myenergi products with CT clamps installed in all the right places so I have app-based, graphical real time monitoring.

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It’s a thing. I know, I’ve got it. I check our power consumption between two and ten or so times a day.


Last Friday I had a Fronius Smart Meter installed to monitor consumption on my circuits that I call ‚ÄėClimate‚Äô, which is air conditioning and underfloor heating.

I now know how much power the underfloor heating in the bathrooms really uses. 15kWh per day on weekends, and 10kWh per day during the week.





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I found that initially I checked obsessively, many times a day. That slowly faded with time. Now (18 monhs later) I just tend to do a check once or twice a week to make sure everything is running as expected and there have been no massive unexpected spikes. It still gives me lots of satisfaction scrolling through the stats though.

For a bit of fun and even more different stats on the status of your system, link it up to PVoutput.org. There is even a worldwide output ladder so you can see how your system is performing. Its free for production monitoring, with a cost to include consumption metering.

Here is mine for interest:


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20 hours ago, VectorONE said:

Slightly worse if the system is off-grid.

I don't think I could ever do off-grid, by choice. I'd be in constant worry about running out of power then.

My lifestyle right now does not lend itself to off-grid living. I imagine it takes some preparation and even mental-planning before going down that path. I've got way too many power-hungry hobbies from a serious home theatre room, to swimming pool, servers, multiple AC units etc. Our consumption is just way too high.

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:classic_biggrin: Yep! 

I used to be like that, -going by the philosophy "he who dies with the most toys wins".   But two kids and two ex wives later, I can barely afford to run this computer.

It does require a quantum shift in one's thinking to truly go off-grid. Kudos to those who can.

Neighbourly battery (or resource) load-sharing may be a future option, but I can't see it in my lifetime.


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Our system  has been in for about 1 week and I've been somewhat glued to the fronius app  pondering matters of  consumption and production.   eg.     What the hell are those spikes,   what's that ~400w baseline consumption

We have an 8kW system but 5kW export cap so I've been looking times of excess production and thinking about what consumers I can move to make the most of it..          It's almost reverse consumption anxiety because it's annoying leaving kW on the table so there's times I want to consume more just to see the system hit it's 8kW potential.    


My mrs on the other hand put the dishwasher on at night earlier this week.   tsk tsk.   


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Just a couple of questions to the ones who have the great monitoring.

How many units does one typically feed back into the grid in a day?

Also what does it take to max out Solar?

Like could I use my Stereo, 2x Split Air Con. Then expect I could still use the dishwasher and Washing machine. Plus start vacuuming and also put the kettle on of course. ūüôā

Just trying to gauge what system I can take advantage of in kW. 6.6kW or 10kW and what to expect in managing my usage.

Like is the vacuum cleaner or the kettle already say using 20% each of your generated solar energy. Washing machine 10% etc Just a rough guide if possible?

Would like to not be using power from the grid as much as possible in those daylight hours but don't want to over capitalize if there's no point.

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My average use going by my past power bills is 14 kw per day 

I don’t have advanced power monitoring but can inform you that my power bills have been reduced by 2 thirds 

I mainly work nights so I consume most of the energy during the day 

Energy use breakdown 

Aircon system , 25 yo refrigerator , large 70‚ÄĚ TV , washing machine, dishwasher, spa pool heating, and a huge stereo @Marc¬†knows about my HiFi system¬†


Please note that I have solar hot water and gas for cooking hence my lower daily power use 

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19 hours ago, Full Range said:

 and a huge stereo @Marc knows about my HiFi system 

With a name like Full Range, I expect nothing less! ūüôā

Thanks again for the reply.

No Gas here and electric HWS. Average 22 kW per day.

I have so many aspects to my Stereo and would love to know what it all uses. Lots on small power supplies running different items. I could try and put it all on one plug and use one of those little meters.

In the past year have replaced a few things. Got a new fridge 520L kitchen, New F&P Front loader washing machine, New 65" TV's and threw out my 2nd 20yr old fridge I had in back garage all in the hope of lowering my Energy bills.

Replaced all lights with LED's.

Still after all this my bills are high for me at the average 22kW/day.

Looking forward to Solar ASAP. ūüôā


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