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Regulations / Legalities of DIY Wind Turbines?

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Yes, legal. Don't know much beyond that. I know you can claim STC's for Solar, Wind and Hydro. 

I looked at this a while ago, and the height you have to put these things to get non-turbulent air is quite surprising. Consequently, they are not really suitable for the old quarter acre block. I think councils generally frown upon them too.  

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IXXI is correct. Shame really.

Had a read of the bladeless.  That's a weird one. The description of how the vibrations exactly couple to the generator and produce electricity is very vague. Looks like a very big Moving Coil cartridge. (Hmm... wind generated music?)

The vertical fan concept itself has merit though. Again, councils frown upon Savonious/Darreous rotors in one's backyard (but ok if mounted on top of a council building). I'm surprised that more research has not been done on them. -One, to minimise the inherent mechanical drawbacks, and the other to minimise its footprint. I can't see why a stack of centrifugal fans can't be mounted on a common shaft (for increased surface area), and onto a F&P motor.

Please excuse my sarcasm/cynism. Lockdown having strange effects on my psyche.

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    • Hi Thanks for allowing me to join the site. I have a real passion for saving the environment from fossil fuels. I hope to do all I can to save our beautiful planet through spreading the word of recycling and renewables. 
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