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Scientists Turn Nuclear Waste Into Long-Lived Diamond Batteries

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A work mate asked me to have a look at this batter development from the UK 



Im sure you can find more links about the subject with more in-depth info 

What say you ?


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    • Welcome Bazzle - enjoy your stay and I look forward to reading your contributions.
    • We have had our 3.4kw system ever since solar was introduced commercially here in Vic. Ours was installed  back in Jan 2009. We have 2 strings of 10 x 174w Solartech and Topray panels running into 2 x CMS2000 invertors giving a max of 3.4kw normally. Had no real issues with the set ups at all. I do have a spare CMS2000 but not needed it yet. Both invertors have an small aux fan under the heatsink that comes on when inv reaches 40c powered by a 12v panel.
    • I have the 5kw Sungrow inverter and have no problems at all so far  I have also learned recently that if you add a seperate ( I think it’s called ) a Sungrow S100 Energy meter. With this extra meter you can also see via the app the export to the grid amount and many other features over the standard dongle  Without the meter you only see your input from the panels to the inverter     
    • Have narrowed my search for a solar system down to 2 suppliers, who would you run with? 13.2kW System Option 1 REC panels Sungrow inverter Master installer certified $10990 Option 2 Canadian Panels Fronius Inverter Uses local, well reviewed installer $9680 Both are semi-local companies who have been to site to evaluate the install and spent time determining my needs. The REC panels from option 1 have a longer warranty (25 vs 12) and the fronius inverter from option 2 has a 13 year warranty vs 10 for the Sungrow.  Option 1 comes with Solar analytics, a 3rd party software and app that is apparently worth $5-800. All other criteria are essential the same So I guess it comes down to how much value I put on the panel vs inverter quality and whether the 'master installer' certification is worth another $1000. Keen to hear your thoughts   **Edit. Option 1 reduced their price and I have decided to go with them
    • A couple of news stories that indicate that solid state batteries are close to being a reality in EVs  The expectations are shorter recharge times and longer distance travel time    Samsung  https://www.whichcar.com.au/car-news/samsung-solid-state-battery-breakthrough   Toyota  https://thedriven.io/2020/12/14/toyota-plans-revolutionary-solid-state-battery-for-2021/   Other news  https://www.wired.co.uk/article/what-is-solid-state-battery-toyota-dyson https://insideevs.com/news/465188/nio-150-kwh-solid-state-batteries-2022/
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