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Hi from Sydney Northern Beaches


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Well, not quite the beachside, but can be there in 15min in good traffic.

Made a start with renewable energy, but just toe in the water. 9 solar panels and not North facing. My north side of the roof is shaded by an enormous Sydney Gum that is probably older than white man has been here. And I’d rather have the tree.

Also a heat pump installed.

Next step is EV car, but I’m really disappointed with the options for Australia at the moment. Compromise brain says Kona EV, but heart says Tesla 3 or Y. Polestar 2 looking promising. Just sick of the cost and the waiting. Luxury car tax is a scam when we no longer have car manufacturing.



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Hi Raffinator, welcome to the group.


Northern Beaches here as well. Maybe you could show us your system in that section of the site, others are always interested in other setups.

I agree with you about the EV situation,  the current range and pricing here in Aus doesn't make me want to rush out and buy one, even though I would love one.





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