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ZED Powercap battery

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I came across this site recently and they claim it’s better than lithium 

It’s developed in Australia 

More info here 



Residential Energy Generation

Specializing in sustainable energy generation systems since 2012, our engineers are well equipped to supply even the most unusual homes with a custom renewable energy solution. When you make an inquiry with our service team, a professionally registered and/or chartered engineer is assigned to your project to ensure that you receive sound advice that is tried and tested. While the majority of our residential energy generation systems come in the form of solar PV, our team of dedicated renewable energy system installers consider a range of factors to ensure a truly custom solution to suit your needs. By using only the highest quality materials and construction methods specific to your energy needs we can guarantee long term, worry-free energy security.




Residential Energy Storage

Zero Emissions Developments (ZED) is proud to announce it’s Behind-The-Meter® distributed energy solution for household energy security… the PowerCap®. As the price of unstable grid energy continues to rise, this technology has been designed to supply the daily energy needs of our residential clients to eliminate that stressful quarterly bill shock. This system not only stores energy sustainably, but it can also operate in ‘Virtual Power Plant’ (VPP) mode as a power bank to on-sell at peak tariff times. This industry-leading VPP functionality ultimately levels the grid network to increase your financial returns.

By responding to grid fluctuations in a matter of milliseconds, the PowerCap® system operates 24/7 to support critical peak demand. The system is 100% recyclable and has a life-span up to 20 years longer than standard batteries. ZED’s mission is to make independent, secure energy accessible to all through Behind-The-Meter® renewable energy systems. Does a sustainably sourced energy bill at a fixed low price sound like something of interest? Contact us on the inquiry form below for a quote tailored to suit your needs.



Charge time
Cycle life
Cell voltage
15 Minutes
2.3 to 2.75V
Specific energy (Wh/kg)
Specific power (W/kg)
Service life (industrial)
75 (typical)
Up to 10,000
25 years
Charge temperature
Discharge temperature
-40 to 85°C
-40 to 85°C


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More info 


Why buy a PowerCap®?

If you’re looking to invest in a PowerCap® system you can expect: reduced or often $0 energy bills, blackout protection, Microgrid capability and grid independence.


What is a PowerCap®?

Researched, designed and developed in Australia, the PowerCap® energy storage carbon battery is like no other on the market today. The PowerCap® is a graphene supercapacitor and unlike its Lithium-ion counterparts, has a longer lifespan and superior efficiency. 

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I'm dubious. From my research (albeit not recent) capacitors are megawatts for milliseconds, batteries are kW for hours. Seems like snake oil to me. Very light on detail on the site.

I remember watching a tear down on youtube of another supposed super capacitor battery, turns out it was just filled with cheap lithium ion batteries.

Now, I would love to be proven wrong, but yeah, I don't really buy it. 

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I stumbled across them as well and have been trying to get more information out of the company.  They are claiming that the "battery" is currently undergoing the approval process and they expect it to be available for purchase around March next year.

I am actually in the market for a home battery and the specs and price on these are very attractive but I am somewhat doubtful as I can't find any evidence that anyone else it the world is doing this and the specs don't seem to add up with what I understand of Graphene supercapacitors.  In particular the weight of the product is similar to weight for same capacity LiIon battery but according to what I have read it should be many times heavier.  The 25 year warranty is appealing but of course totally useless if the company doesn't stick around to honour it.

The company did respond to my initial email and sent through a Spec sheet and some basic information but they haven't responded to my follow-up questions yet. 

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By the way pricing as supplied to me was:
5.0kWh 48V WITH 5kw Sungrow Hybrid Inverter (single phase) for $6500
8.5kWh 48V with 5kW Sungrow Hybrid inverter (Single phase) for $10500
15kWh 384V with 10kW Solax Hybrid inverter (3 phase) for $18500
Price for 15kWh without inverter was approx $14500

All claim 50,000 cycles with 25 year warranty and 99% depth discharge and operating temperature range of -20 to +80c

5kWh weighs 65kg, 8.5kWh is 97kg and 15kWh is 120kg

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