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Smart Meter Installation - to “Net Solar Metering”

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I was wondering if I should have a Power company ( in my case Origin ) smart meter installed 

We have a small problem - I have a dog and the meter readers will only come into our gated yard if the dog is locked away to read the meter 

If I was to have one installed they can read my power usage from outside at any time 

Advice needed

*  I’m not sure if the power company  charges for this meter to be installed 

* Can I use it to check my own power consumption 

* Is it a better system than the current manual reading way 

* And is it secure - just saying “ can it be hacked “ 


Many thanks in advance 

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I thought that more information is needed 

When the first solar system was installed about 15 years ago the analogue spinning wheel meter was replaced with a digital display meter 

But the digital display meter still needs to be read manually 


I have found and just read some information about the smart meters 

Here - https://www.aer.gov.au/consumers/my-energy-service/smart-meters 


I’m not sure if my current digital meter allows me to allocate use of solar power for household use - I have the inverter set to owner use and export the rest - but not sure if that is actually happening 

I have read that the new smart meter can be programmed to do that ? 

Here is a very short case study 

https://www.aer.gov.au/system/files/Case Study Smart Meter Matthew and Declans story.pdf

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It would be a newer, more modern meter that would be installed.


When I had our system installed, before it was allowed to be turned on I had to have a new meter put in. The old one was a digital Time-of-use one.


Origin put the new one in, at a cost of $45.


The new one is read remotely online, no need for a meter reader to come around.


On the Origin website, with the new smart meters you can see your daily usage, and your daily feed-in. They’re well worth having, especially at the very low cost that Origin charges for the installation.





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