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Hi from Perth

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Hi Everyone,

Just received my last power bill and saw Marc's post on SNA about this site. Great timing. šŸ™‚

Thought I pop over and maybe look into getting Solar on my house.

Regards, Rob

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    • Another lithium / Sulphur breakthrough by Australian researchers at Monash UniversityĀ  By adding sugar they have found that it increases life span and longer travel distances on a single chargeĀ  Full details on the link that is very informativeĀ  https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2021-09-14/batteries-lithium-sulfur-sugar-future-electric-vehicles/100457492
    • This news just inĀ  PPK Group has announced that they have unlockedĀ the code for creating Lithium Sulphur batteries at a cost affective priceĀ  Ā  News release on this linkĀ  https://www.ppkgroup.com.au/site/news-media/ppk-group-in-box-seat-with-aussie-breakthrough-that-could-power-the-world
    • Just to update this thread, I have settled on this below config Huawei 8kW 3-phase Inverter and Solar Analytics 26 x Jinko Tiger N-Type 390W Mono Black Frame Modules Ā  Ā 
    • I did read in the forums that theĀ Huawei monitoring was delaying everything by 2 hours there for a bit. The fix was be patient and wait as the servers getĀ overwhelmed with loads of traffic at times. Which made me think, once you buy the Inverter, the companies don't really need to worry as much looking after their servers as say a company like Solar Analytics does as that is the only thing they are doing and would lose customers, so its in their best interest to keep itĀ running really well. More likely to haveĀ more updates/improvements to their software too over time.
    • For analytics Go with the one that is easier to use and has what you want to checkĀ  Some meters are on the unit or in the power boxĀ and some have wifiĀ  Ask your installer about the inverter features before making a decisionĀ 
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