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Formula E


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As a lifelong F1 fan, and a more recent EV enthusiast, I really want to like Formula E. There is no doubt this format will continue to grow in popularity or some sort of cross promotion with the current F1. 

But ... it just doesn't grab me like a good F1 race, yet!


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I get what you mean.  It's more like the short-lived A1GP formula.

I've been shunning the F1 the last couple of decades because it was becoming more regulated, to the point where engineers' creativity has been strangled. They now only work in servitude to rules and regulations.

In order for Formula E to succeed, they must allow engineers the freedom to make/take the technology to higher levels of efficiency.

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You make a good point but Formula E is even more strangled by control parts and regulations than F1 is. That alone might hinder its growth and success perhaps.

F1 on the other hand is making a resurgence under new ownership, and the 2022 new cars and regs seem welcome by teams and punters. Alas, unless F1 goes EV any time soon, it's not really on topic on this site is it? 🙂

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You have obviously looked into it thoroughly.  Why does the extra regulations not surprise me. Your assumption of hindered success is then well founded.

Good to see that things have changed at F1. Might even get back into it.

F1 going EV?  -it's possible, and even that won't surprise me. 

Is it on/off topic?   I would like to think that we are mature enough here to discuss EV regulations and their effects on development, whether on the racetrack or public roads. It is part of our future after all, no matter what form it takes. Personally I'm still hanging out for the hover-car I was promised when I was a kid.

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